On-site Emergency Support

Fast, convenient and reassuring support.


Make sure your business never stops for longer than necessary.

When something goes wrong in your business it can seem like the whole world stops. Problems such as a failed server or network can cause havoc to your company and present you with a real emergency. This is particularly true if your business is 24 hour or provides a critical service. Letting your customers down is simply not an option. So when things fail you don’t want to hear that someone will be with you in a few days to fix it.

On site emergency support packages mean that when these issues arise, you are covered. You can simply call Northampton Computer Services and an IT repairs professional will be with you as soon as possible to remedy the situation. From simple but urgent hardware repairs to more serious failures we will work hard and provide as much manpower as necessary to get you back up and running.

Entrusting your IT support to an expert third party is a good idea anyway, as it allows your in house staff to focus on more pressing day to day matters. However an emergency is really the time when you will see the benefit of these services.

Based in Northampton, we are a local partner for businesses in the area, including Rugby, Corby, Milton Keynes, Kettering, Wellingborough and Market Harborough, so we can be at your site quickly and we know the local area and its business well. This also means that if we need to call upon any other providers to help (for example in sourcing replacement equipment) we have reliable channels in place to do this. We can also assist with regular maintenance and support, as well as disaster recovery and backup. At Northampton Computer Services we understand the challenges and dynamics of the small business world and offer seamless emergency support services which reduce the disruption to your business.

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