Data Recovery Services

Protect your data so that if your system fails, you don’t have to.


Data makes the business world go round. We are in a data driven society and the knowledge within your business is its key asset. Yet the tools and hardware used to store this data can fail, leaving you at best unable to work and at worst liable for losing important information.

That’s why you need data recovery plans in place should disaster strike. Backing up your data to a remote location means it is protected should your servers and infrastructure be damaged in some way. This can happen through disasters such as power cuts or fire, or through ciber attacks and viruses.

At Northampton Computer Services we work hard to make sure that you do not have to worry about your data. We will implement a data recovery solution so that in the event of a disaster, big or small, your system can be recovered quickly and with minimal impact to your business.

We will start by getting to know you, understanding your business and the potential risks. We will then tailor an on-site data recovery service to your needs and budget. As we are IT experts with many years of experience working with various types of companies, we can look at your network and storage from a wider business perspective and offer advice and guidance in a range of areas.

For businesses based in the Northampton area, including Milton Keynes, Corby, Kettering, Market Harborough and Rugby, picking a local IT services company for data recovery is your best option. Based in Northampton, NCS will be able to respond quickly to your needs, and in such testing situations speed is of the essence. As a local partner we will provide a more personal and professional service as we can spend time getting to know your business and working closely with you to find the best solution.

Contact Northampton Computer Services today to discuss data recovery planning and discover how we can help you.