HP Servers

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#No matter how large or small your plans are, you need the server hardware capacity to achieve your ambitions. HP are industry leaders in hardware, and HP servers offer you reliability, performance and scalability so that you can focus on growth.

It can be confusing choosing between the various options for server hardware so seeking professional advice is crucial. As a trusted supplier of HP computer hardware, Northampton Computer Services will help you make the right choice.

Based in Northamptonshire, we work with companies in Corby, Kettering, Rugby, Wellingborough, Milton Keynes, Market Harborough and the surrounding area. This means we can help you in a personal way, consulting with you on your choices and even visiting you on site if needs be to assess your space, IT setup and the best servers for you.

Whenever you buy HP servers from us, we will help you find excellent deals for your business. We can also help you with set up and installation and any other upgrade issues you encounter, as well as supplying any associated hardware you might need.

HP offer a range of tower and blade servers, including

  • BladeSystem ProLiant Server Blades, great for saving space
  • HP ProLiant ML Servers, great for efficiency.
  • HP ProLiant DL Servers, great for providing a complete, supportive infrastructure
  • HP ProLiant SL Scalable System, great for large, growing data centres
  • HP ProLiant MicroServer, great for startups
  • BladeSystem Integrity Server Blades, great for accelerating IT system efficiency

We have an eBay store through which you can order from or you can contact us directly.

Speak to our team today to find out how we can help you buy HP servers for your business.