Microsoft Server Licenses

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A natural part of your business growing and evolving is that you add more software, servers and users to your system. As this happens, you need to make sure that you have all the required licenses so that all your users can access everything they need to.

Purchasing licenses, particularly in volume, can be confusing. Microsoft offer a range of options such as:

  • Client Access Licenses based on user
  • Device Access Licenses based on device
  • Management Server Licensing
  • Per Core Licensing

Your license options vary depending on which Microsoft servers you have, who will be using them (purely internal staff or external contractors as well?), how many computers you have, how many users you have. It can be complicated.

As an authorised Microsoft reseller with many years of experience providing servers, software and the accompanying licenses, we can help you navigate the options and find the right combination of licenses to make sure you are fully covered but also not paying too much or wasting money on unnecessary licenses.

Being based in Northampton means we offer great benefits for businesses in the surrounding area, including Milton Keynes, Corby, Kettering, Market Harborough and Rugby. To help you find the right Microsoft server licenses we will consult with you and understand your business before making recommendations and finding you a great deal.

When you choose us as your local Northampton IT partner you will receive more than just licensing advice, you will receive our expertise, experience and ongoing assistance.

Contact Northampton Computer Services today to discuss your Microsoft server license needs, and one of our team will find you the best solution.