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What Website And SEO Strategy Do I Require?

What website and SEO strategy do I require?

All businesses these days require a website to promote its products or services, however just having a website it not enough. Depending on your business needs, your budget and how you sell your products or service will depend on your strategy to take. Here are some points to consider:


Design – Think about your target market. Does your site need to be modern, sleek, informative or artistic?


User Friendly – Your site needs to be easy for people to use, understand what you are offering and find the information they need easily.


Awareness – In order to find you people need to know you exist. How are you going to promote your site. There are a number of ways, perhaps consider Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), this will help you rank higher on search engines such as Google. Also consider building links to your site as this improves your visibility and gains traffic to your site.


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