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Tell Me More About Cloud Computing.

Tell me more about cloud computing..

Cloud computing is a term that many people are becoming aware of, but what does it actually mean? The ‘cloud’ is very simply the internet. Cloud computing gives your business the ability to run its applications and access your company data using only the internet which you access from your laptop, PC or mobile device. With the exception of your web browser or user interface, there is no other requirements for you to install software or obtain data storage, it is all operated on the internet.


For businesses of all sizes, purchasing, installing, supporting and updating all the files and software that your staff needs is an ever growing problem. As more files are created and more functionality needed by your staff, all the storage and time needed to run the network can be a drain on resources.


Cloud computing allows you to grow your business while avoiding these issues. By logging on to web based software your staff can access their files and applications from anywhere, making your business more flexible.


Northampton Computer Services can help your business with Cloud Computing, find out more here and contact us to discuss further.

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