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How Do I Secure My Computer Network?

How do I secure my computer network?

There are a number of areas your business should consider to make your computer network secure and robust. Here are some of Northampton Computer Services’ suggestions:

  • Install a Firewall – Accessing the Internet is essential for any business, however having your network connected opens up significant risks to your business. Installing a firewall on your server will block any unwanted visitors and protect your system.
  • Install Anti-virus software – Anti-virus software will ensure that any suspicious files and network activity are being monitored and alert you with information on this.
  • Monitor your email and protect against spam – Using email to communicate increases the possibility of being subjected to spam. Unwanted emails effect your business’ productivity and they could also do some damage to your network. A spam filter will reduce these unwanted emails.
  • Create a backup procedure – Protecting your system and your company data is vital for business continuity. You backup procedure should take place at regular intervals and be stored both on-site and off-site either at a different location or to the cloud.


For support on all of the above and further information on suitable methods for your business, contact Northampton Computer Services and we can discuss this further. If you are looking for Symantec products to secure your network, click here for further information.

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